Super Affiliate Accuses WagerShare of Nonpayment

The prominent online casino marketing group WagerShare is facing allegations of fraud from one of the largest affiliates. This super affiliate alleges that the WagerShare group has failed to pay them over $7600 in commissions. Over the course of six months, a satisfactory resolution has still not been reached.
When the affiliate began promoting the casinos in the WagerShare group, they received a commission of 25% on total revenues. During the course of this initial agreement, the super affiliate states that they brought WagerShare average revenues of $10,000 or more each month. The commissions on these amounts were paid on time.
Due to the success of the agreement, the affiliate inquired about being raised to a 35% commission tier. After some correspondence, WagerShare agreed to enact the new rate in the following month. In exchange, the affiliate promoted WagerShare casinos more aggressively. The affiliate agreed to a number of suggestions by WagerShare, including the elevation of banners and other promotional copy on their website.
However, the affiliate s commission rate remained at 25%. Although the affiliate states that they followed through with the requests of WagerShare during the next month, this rate was never increased.
Upon further inquiry, WagerShare replied that the affiliate s account was locked due to a breach in term “4.6 Good Faith/Ethical Conduct”, a clause in the group s terms and conditions used to prevent user fraud. This clause states that “[WagerShare] reserve the right to retain all amounts owed to you, either current or future, under this Agreement if we have reasonable cause to believe that [fraudulent] traffic has been caused with your knowledge”.
The super affiliate denies knowing about any fraudulent conversions caused by their marketing. Over the course of the next several months, the affiliate attempted to contact Errika Pontikaki, a WagerShare representative, to get an explanation and discuss possible resolutions. The affiliate alleges that they did not receive any further information from her or any other representative.
After several more attempts to get into contact with Ms. Pontikaki, the affiliate blacklisted all WagerShare brands including Spin Palace Casino, Betway Casino, Cabaret Club Casino, Mummy’s Gold Casino, Ruby Fortune Casino, Piggs Casino, Jackpots in a Flash Casino and Gnuf Casino.
When WagerShare updated their platform near the end of 2011, the affiliate found that their account had been re-enabled. Upon logging in they saw that their players have generated over $7600 in unpaid affiliate commissions and have taken screenshots for their own records. The affiliate states that when they asked WagerShare about their newly enabled account, WagerShare promptly locked it once again without further explanation.
As of now the affiliate maintains that none of these commissions have been paid and that their WagerShare account continues to be locked. Although the super affiliate states that they do have plenty of unpaid commissions from other affiliate brands over the years, they contend that their current case with WagerShare is the most serious they have ever experienced.

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